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All your materials and mixtures consist of mixed paints (or flocks, sand etc.). So you need to build a library of your favorite paints to paint your miniatures.

You can either create custom paints in the "Settings" tab or download paints from PaintBay which is the community wide database. The easiest way is to download from PaintBay but since there are many brands and paints out there you are free to add your own.

If you didnt found a paint on PaintBay you can create the missing paint and submit it to PaintBay. That way the whole community will benefit from this. Have a look at the PaintBay section for further information.

1. Create a custom paint
Go to the "Settings" tab scroll to "Paints", tap "Brands & Paint Ranges". You will see the brands list. Either create a custom brand (tap the + in the upper right corner) or tap an existing one. Now you get a list of all paint ranges of a brand divided in sections of the release date. The same applies here too: either choose an existing range or create a new one by tapping the upper right + to do so. You can edit a brand or range by tapping the three dots on the right side.
Still with me? You tapped on a range and this will bring you the paints list of this paint range. Tap the + sign in the upper right corner to add a new paint. Give the paint a name, an overlay (to override the overlay of a paint type), the amount of the bottle of the paint has, a paint type (metallic, ink, base etc.), and a paint bottle type as well as an SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and a note to your liking. You can mark the paint as "in stock" which will move the paint to your in stock list.

If you want to add this color to your shoppinglist type the amount you need in the "Buy" field. To change the color itself, tap the color field above the paint name.

You are also able to add a EAN/UPC number to the paint. This enables you to search paints by scanning the barcode on the paint pot in certain areas of the app. Please note that scanning barcodes is only available for iOS7 or higher. Furthermore the success of barcode scanning is dependent on the camera quality of your device.

2. Download paints from PaintBay
This is the most convenient way to get the paints you need. You have a few options to get paints from PaintBay. Go to the "Paints" tab and switch to the Database section and press the + in the upper right corner. An action sheet pops up. Choose "Search PaintBay". For further information visit the PaintBay section for further information.

You can tap&hold on paints too: you can duplicate a color, quickly add it to the shoppinglist or replace the paint by another paint. Replacing will permanently replace the paint globally in all mixtures where it is/was used.

If most of your paints have the same amount you can specify a standard amount for your colors in the settings!

You are not limited to add only paints. It is also useful to keep track of eg. which grass flockings you used. So if you are running low on a specific flocking you know which one you used in this project and get consistent results!

If your favorit or custom brand of colors is not available for download, get your colors in while you go rather than all at a time.
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