Paints are essential to the modelbuilding and miniature hobby. There are a lot of brands and ranges to choose from to achieve stunning effects and results on miniatures.

With the advent of PaintMyMinis 1.5.0 a new paint backend system has been implemented to make the management of paints a lot easier and prepare PaintMyMinis for a very bright future. Please have a look at the PaintBay section for further information.

You can manage your paints in the "Paint" tab. The paint tab consists out of 3 sections:

1. Database
The database section lists all paints that you have added to your personal database.
To add paints to this list tap the + in the upper right corner. Here you have 3 options: "Scan", "Search PaintBay" and "Custom Paint".
"Scan" will bring up the barcode scanner and if you scan a paint that is not found in your database it will be searched on PaintBay. If it is found it will be added to your database. If not you are free to request the paint so it will be listed in the global PaintBay database.
"Search PaintBay" will bring up the PaintBay dashboard. You can browse, search, scan all paints that are available in PaintBay and download them. See the PaintBay section for further information.
For a "Custom Paint" you have to add a paint in the "Settings" tab.
Very important note: If you delete a paint here, either from the context menu or by swiping left, the paint will be deleted completly and will not be available anymore in the app. This will also delete this paint from ALL paint mixes/ layers which can not be undone.

2. In Stock
This section lists all paints that you have marked as "In Stock".
If you remove a paint here (have a close look on the wording here: "remove" <-> "delete") the paint will be removed from your In-Stock list but will still be available in the app and stays in your mixes/layers. It will just be marked as "not in stock".
To add paints to the "In-Stock" tap the + in the upper right corner. This will bring up 2 options: "Scan" and "Custom Paint".
"Scan" will bring up the barcode scanner. Each paint you scan will be added or removed from this list (depending on option you have choosen before). Please note that the paint you scan here needs to be in your database allready! To add a new one go to the "Database" section or create one in the "Settings" tab.

3. Shoppinglist
Here you will find all paints where the "Buy" count is greater than zero.
You can remove a paint by swiping left and tap "Remove". This will remove the paint from the shopping list and no further action is taken. If you tap the checkboxes on the right side the paint will be moved automatically to your In-Stock list as it is to be expected that you bought this paint.
On this list you can also scan paints to remove or add them to this list.

Below the section names you can find a number. This number indicates the number of paints that are in this list.

Be sure to check out the tap & hold feature in the paint tab to bring up context sensitive options for a tapped paint.

To modify multiple paints in each list, tap the action icon in the upper left corner. The shopping list is a special case since a tap on an action will change the whole list. So be sure what you are doing!

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