Connect paints

PaintBay will prepare PaintMyMinis for a bright future as paints are now "connected" to a world wide database and can clearly be identified. This makes sharing and social features via internet possible for future releases of PaintMyMinis. By default you can see if a paint is connected with a filled circle on the right side of a paint.

Should I connect my paints to PaintBay?
Yes, it is recommend. In the future all paints that are connected to PaintBay can interact with the PaintBay platform. You will benefit from future features that are implemented in PaintBay that way. You can connect a paint by tapping the circle in the paint view in the upper right corner, tapping the action menu of a paint (also in the paint detail view in the upper right corner) or you can connect multiple paints by downloading a complete range of paints in PaintBay again. Paints that have the exact match of name and SKU in the database will automatically connected.

Be aware that when a paint gets connected it will be completly managed by PaintBay. So it will set/update all fields for you except user specific properties such as buy, in-stock ,note etc. If you dont want this: do not connect the paint.

All new paints you download via PaintBay will be connected by default.

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